What does being a VSLO member mean?
It means you’ll be part of an elite community of image makers in Romania, Europe and the World. To be a part of VLSO, part of a community that acknowledges and values your work and talent, but mostly to be free in your creativity. To be You together with us.
How can you become a member?
You automatically become a member with full rights automatically, once you have participated in at least 2 editions of the festival VSLO or if you are part of the side activities organized by VLSO: competitions, workshops, presentations, seminars.
What are the benefits?
You are a member of the VSLO community. You have priority to the workshops organized by VSLO with limited number of participants (as could be fashion, nude … due to the models availability, etc) You benefit from discounts offered by our sponsors and partners. But most of all you are one of us. One of the makers of the coolest free festival in visual arts. The one and only VSLO.


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