Music classes.

When you say Vama Veche, you inevitably think of music. Especially concerts. Pop, rock, punk, folk…
Over the last 6 years, VSLO had dozens of concerts in its program. This year we take a small step forward: two days of courses with and about percussion: Djembe drums, Boomwhackers (polyphonic tubes), Shakers. The two-day courses (accompanied by intensive practice) will result in a show on the VSLO stage on Saturday, August 27.
We could not have done this without the unconditional support of the Drum Café team, who fully understand the spirit of the festival.
The lecturers who will help you “explode”:

Ati de Chile

Adelin Dragu

Cristian Melak

Norbert Halmagyi

Available spots: 40

Adelin_Dragu (3) muzica_2

COURSE SCHEDULE                         CONCERTS