Vama Under Oscar Lights 2017

Registration period: 1 April – 1 August 2017

Admission requirements:
1. Sending a portfolio *
– for the photo section – 10 photos
– for the film section – a link to a film production of yours
– for the painting section – 5 photos of your paintings
* sending a portfolio is compulsory only for participants who participate for the first time

2. Sending a letter of intent *
The letter of intent is compulsory. It must explain the reasons for participating in the festival.
* Letters of intent will be published on the official website VSLO only with the explicit agreement of the participants.

3. Participation in the campaign “Receive and offer”
Participation in this campaign is compulsory for all those who want to register in this 7th edition of the festival.
What is the campaign “Receive and offer”? It is very simple. Offer something to someone.

Receive from us a free cultural week and offer something for free.
Offer a book, some food, make a poor child happy, help an elder shopping …
Write the story and send it to us (you can add a photo if you want).
Let the feelings fill you up! It’s good! You are good!
We got help from the old generation, the new generation is now needed! Receive and Offer further