Open Stage Vama Under Oscar Lights

Vama Under Oscar Lights – a different kind of festival. A free festival!

Yes, VSLO is a free festival! A place where you can express yourself as you wish. A place where you can express yourself the way you think!

This year VSLO Open Stage opens the door to freedom of expression and becomes a big stage, with lights, sound, exhibition spaces – a place where, if you are talented, you can perform / exhibit / project your ideas.

VSLO Open Stage means:

Film: if you produced a short or feature film, a documentary or reportage you can screen it at VSLO 2016 festival.

Theatre: do you play? Do you want to perform in front of the audience of Vama Veche? Are you a director? Do you want to show the world your creation? Subscribe to VSLO Open Stage and you can actively participate in the cultural program Vama under Oscar Lights.

Painting: have you finished a project and you didn’t exhibit it yet? Do you want the world to know about it? Then VSLO Open Stage is the perfect place.

Music: You have a new band? Do you have a new project and want to release it in Vama Veche? Do you want to be one of the artists of VSLO 2016? Send us a message about it as soon as possible!