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The DOK-festival was started in Oslo in 2005, initiated by the Norwegian Press Photographers Organisation. In 2013 the festival moved to Fredrikstad, about 100 kilometres south of Oslo. The festival has developed into Scandinavia´s most important arena for photojournalism and documentary photography. It is the place where professionals, students and the public meet.

At the “House of literature” in Fredrikstad you will find picture shows and lectures by some of the worlds best photographers and visual storytellers. You will get a view into the most exiting stories from the world today. There are also exhibitions in public places around the city, and in the “old town”, the only preserved fortified town in North Europe.

Back in the “House of literature” there are daytime seminars and debates on themes interesting to both professionals and the public.

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2016 Program                                                                                       Vernissage and exhibitions 2016

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Useful information                                                                                Photo gallery 2016